'I went to Marleise a few months ago for a prolonged 2 year unbalanced and dizzy feeling as a result of the first UK lockdown. Immediately I felt so safe and loved by Marleise and knew she could help me. I did get some aggravation of symptoms but so glad I persevered through. My symptoms have virtually all gone now, together with a renewed and stronger sense of self. I’m meditating every day, and putting myself first for a change and slowing down which is something my inner being was nudging me towards. If I really listen into my vertigo symptoms they were there for a reason to help me pay attention, stop and heal.'

Jenny H.

'Went to Marliese to treat my asthma [in 1994] and have not had to use an inhaler since. I would highly recommend her very professional and astute.'

Stephanie T.

'I have and continue to use Dr Symons services as a patient and for ongoing wellness following a car accident several years ago. Marliese is a very experienced and skilled professional, supportive of patient’s wellbeing, informative, and always provides positive and practical guidance in a safe environment. I can fully recommend her. Thank you.'

Stephen N.

'I can recommend Backin2health as they got me back on my feet after the lockdown.
Due to the lockdown I was inactive and could not walk far I was in pain and taking pain kiĺlers daily and my pelvis had moved and I knew this needed re-aligning as it has happened in the past.
Due to the treatment I received I was walking better and further and no longer needed daily painkillers. I can not recommend Marliese enough for all the improvements she made to my life'

Wendy W.

"I have been seeing Marliese for several weeks and would definately recommend her. She is always profesisonal, whilst being freindly and helping me relax. My condition has certainly improved."

Hazel S.

'Marliese has successfully treated me for various ailments over the years - including neck, back and dental issues, as well as stress and tension. She takes the time to get a thorough diagnosis in a wholistic way and follows up during the treatment programme to ensure all goes well. I can highly recommend her for both chiropractic and homeopathic care, as well as assessing general wellness of the whole person.'

Ian M.

'I came to Dr Marliese Symons with severe Gastro symptoms. The allopathic doctors just gave drugs that did not cure any of my symptoms. I started taking Dr Marliese’s homeopathic medications and found that I got better physically and mentally. I am so happy. Dr Marliese Symons is such a caring, kind and fantastic Doctor.'

Michelle S.

'Marliese has helped me so much. I suffered from severe anxiety due to birth trauma and I am literally going from strength to strength mentally and emotionally. I trust her prescribing and opinion completely and I can't recommend her highly enough. The medicine is gentle and I have noticed huge changes in my confidence and am now enjoying my life again and feeling like me!'

Sarah L.

'Highly recommend Backin2health, I had treatment to induce labour, which worked very well. I went into labour the following day. Fantastic service.'

Lydia A.

'I would highly recommend Dr. Marliese. I was treated with great care and attention and I am fully recovered. Fantastic service. Thank you.'

Hulya E.

'Marliese did a wonderful job on my back. She was quick to assess what I needed and straightened me out wonderfully. Would highly recommend. She is absolutely brilliant.'

Freya P.

'I've been using Marliese for more than 7 years, and she is brilliant. She keeps by back in working order and far better than any other chiropractors I had tried previously. Marliese also treated me whilst I was pregnant and kept me moving when I was struggling with back and pelvic pain. I would thoroughly recommend Backin2Health.'

Claire C.

'I had an acute neck injury during my stay in England back in 2018 October. Dr Marliese fixed me within no time (10 mins) and I was able to participate in the Homoeopathic Congress as if nothing happened. She is a kind-hearted Doctor and now a lifelong friend.'

Shailendra V.

'Thank you so much. A friendly, comfortable space, Marliese is incredibly knowledgeable and it works !! I’ve had trouble with my neck and shoulder for so long and since seeing Marliese the pain has significantly reduced.'

Rachel W.

Dr Marliese Symons BSc(Hons), AKC, MCH, PCH, MChiro, DC, MFHom