FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)



What should I wear to a chiropractic appointment?

Loose clothes are ideal eg. shorts or jogging bottoms and a top or t-shirt. Avoid jeans and tight clothing which may restrict your movement during examination.

How long are appointments?
First appointments are approximately 45mins. Follow-ups are around 20mins


How do I take homeopathic medicine?

Avoid food and drink for about 15mins before or after taking homeopathic medicines. Do not handle homeopathic medicines directly – use a spoon or similar to put under your tongue and leave there for a few minutes; after which time you can chew or swallow.

Should I avoid anything when I’m taking homeopathic medicine?
Avoid coffee, mint, essential oils, perfumes or other strong flavours during your treatment but especially immediately before and after taking your homeopathic medicine. Non-mint toothpastes are widely available.

Is homeopathic medicine safe during pregnancy and for new-borns?
Yes. Homeopathic medicine is completely safe to take during pregnancy, as well as during and after birth. It is also completely safe for new-borns.

How long do appointments take?
First appointments are approximately 60-90mins. Follow-ups are around 20-30mins


Studies done in vitro, on cell lines, plants, or simply the actual homeopathic medicines themselves all show that there is a difference between homeopathically prepared water and regular water, or a tangible measurable effect from a homeopathic preparation vs a control, in a venue where placebo can be ruled out.

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For more information see the Faculty of Homeopathy website and General Chiropractic Council website


Dr Marliese Symons BSc(Hons), AKC, MCH, PCH, MChiro, DC, MFHom